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Virtual CTO

We’ll inject your executive team with digital-first thinking and technical expertise.

Redefine how a CTO functions

The role of the CTO is changing — fractional executive models are an effective way to get the expertise you need without the full-time costs.

As tech saturates the business landscape, the role of the CTO is evolving. Many companies are taking the responsibilities associated with the title and dispersing them over teams instead of localizing them onto one person. This team can be internal or external, and might consist of folks from senior developers, digital strategists, or engineers. If external, these responsibilities are handled by a digital consulting firm.

We imagine a future for the CTO role in which businesses consider their CTO team member to be a strategic liaison who connects the company with a cadre of digital consultants and tools, much like a CMO. CMO’s engage PR firms, design firms, marketing firms, and lead a varied team of internal and external staff to cover the marketing needs of a company. In the absence of a CMO, a business will engage a marketing firm to cover this need. GRAYBOX sees the role of CTO moving in this direction.

Gone are the days of businesses expecting their CTO to function as the be-all, end-all of everything tech – it’s simply not realistic in this day and age. We look forward to partnering with more businesses and their CTO’s to ensure companies are receiving the top-notch digital strategy and business consulting needed to reach growth goals.

Business in a Digital-First World

In today’s world, to have a busi­ness means to be dig­i­tal. Dig­i­tal­ly-focused prod­ucts and busi­ness tools are no longer a nov­el­ty, and staff mem­bers are must be pro­fi­cient in tech too.

Prevent CTO Burn-out

When too much respon­si­bil­i­ty and tasks are placed on a solo CTO’s shoul­ders, your orga­ni­za­tion runs the risk of hav­ing a CTO that is over­whelmed and ulti­mate­ly ineffective.

CTO as Team, Not Individual

Instead of rely­ing on their CTO to do and be every­thing, busi­ness­es are rely­ing on teams of sub­ject mat­ter experts instead.

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