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Visual Design

You’re more than a pretty logo. We make intentional and powerful visual designs that reflect your brand in every element.

Delight on Any Screen

Visual design is what your users see and feel from your brand. We make your visuals reflect your brand perfectly and create visuals that make connection & impact.

Undergoing designing a website or digital application is a critical investment in your business and product. Your customer’s expectations are high and your business deserves a look that supports your brand at every level. Thankfully GRAYBOX’s web designers work closely with you to craft a unique design with visual voice, fonts, colors, and layout that fit your brand’s personality.

A good web designer should be a chameleon, where the personal tastes and style of a designer fade away and instead the unique look and feel of a brand comes through. A designer should have great taste, but the style should be a reflection of your brand, not of their own desires. As such, we work with a variety of designers so that we can cater to any feel, from high-end business services to indie arts ecommerce. No two sites should look alike. The results should match your current brand and meet your online goals.

Moreover, with today’s fragmented amount of devices, screens and technology everywhere — it’s critical that we deliver design systems that adapt to any screen size, not static images that only work for a few different views.

GRAYBOX is the local Portland web design expert. We started as a web design company a decade ago, and it’s still the root of all that we do. If you want a tailored web design from the local experts, look no further.

Tailored Design

You deserve a website that isn’t an off-the-shelf clone. Stand out with a design tailored just for you.

Modern Technique

GRAYBOX works with cutting-edge style and web design to give you a future-ready site that accommodates any content.

Mobile, of Course

Don’t let mobile concern you — GRAYBOX sites use responsive design so your site is ready for small screens.

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