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Ongoing UX Analytics & Optimization

Great User Experience design is an ongoing process, and while there are cycles, it’s never really done. Technology, trends, and user standards are always changing.

Great UX is Ongoing

We help you stay on top of your UX design as technology trends change over time; thus keeping your digital products fresh and useful in a quickly changing market.

User Experience Design (UX) is best understood not as a milestone stage, but rather as an ongoing process that is never really done. Something is always a bad experience for your users and can be improved. Moreover, since tech is one of the fastest-moving markets, even the best-designed products will quickly become outdated, annoying, and frustrating to your users if the UX is not maintained as trends change.

Staying on top of the trends is not easy. Devices are always changing, sizes get bigger and bigger, platforms become more fragmented (thanks Android), and tech companies with billions of dollars and thousands of employees continue to spoil everyone’s expectations with amazing products for free. It’s an always-evolving, never-ending treadmill to keep your app and sites fresh, useful, and in line with what your customer's expectations are.

Generally speaking, we see that mobile apps need at least a yearly refresh cycle (Summer for iOS, and Fall for Android), while B2C websites refresh every 2-3 years, and B2B websites every 4-5 years.

GRAYBOX helps your products stay up to date in a rapidly evolving market by keeping tabs as technology standards change, and keeping you alerted & informed. We also take a data-first approach to design reviews, and can regularly review your product analytics to see how UX trends are changing over time.

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