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Interactive Design

We bring your site to life with advanced animation and cutting-edge interactivity.

Feel is about Motion

Impress your users with the compelling use of interactive design to respond to their input, show content in new and innovative ways, and present your brand in a way they can feel.

Interactive design makes browsing your site or using your application more like a conversation — it builds a bond between you and your visitors by reacting to their presence and actions. We design animations very intentionally as part of the design process to give your product more a sense of life. Likewise, great animations help your product stand out in a unique way.

Interactive designs require a hybrid mix of disparate skill sets — you need fantastic front-end developers, a good JavaScript Developer, and a motion graphics designer. We build most animations as JS (React, Vue, jQuery, etc), but they are also built in a responsible way, as they can adapt to various screen sizes and various devices. No one wants a background 3D video sequence on an old device that can’t handle that CPU load.

GRAYBOX uses these platforms to empower on-the-fly layout changes, smooth animations, and interactive experiences where users call the shots with mouse, keys, and fingers.

Motion graphics are also part of the overall visual identity system that we can create for the entire brand.

Impressive Looks

Engage your audience emotionally and intellectually with sites that respond to them.

Expert Designers

GRAYBOX designers have experience with from-scratch interactive features and can make updates to your current assets.

Natural Input

Interactive design allows users to intuitively control elements with traditional input or touch input.

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