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JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages, and it’s easy to see why. It’s ubiquitous, powerful, and flexible, allowing developers to create dynamic web applications.

Build elegant web applications with JavaScript

GRAYBOX leverages JavaScript to create unique web applications with robust, flexible features and dynamic user interactions.

Originally a front-end tool used to add limited levels of interactivity to a website, JavaScript has evolved into a robust language offering multiple frameworks for both the front and back end of a project. By leveraging a team that understands where and when to apply JavaScript, your application can achieve amazing results.

GRAYBOX development teams work with many of the most popular and commonly used JavaScript frameworks, such as React.js, Angular, Node.js, and more depending on your project's specific needs. Throughout the development process, we work with our partners to design JavaScript solutions that achieve specific business goals and implement the tools required to get the job done right. Whether you’re developing a rapid prototype, a minimum viable product, or a production-ready web application, we’ll help determine the right JavaScript framework to best suit the desired results.

By leveraging advanced tools and the latest versions of ECMAScript to not only explore and experiment but to also create production-ready applications and products online, on desktop, and on mobile, our developers move faster, develop better, and stay ahead of an ever-growing market.

Applying the right languages and tools across development projects is a key driver to the success of any application, and staples, such as JavaScript, can help organizations achieve success. It's a dynamic and effective language to have in your arsenal during multiple stages in development.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to bring digital solutions to life, GRAYBOX is looking forward to exploring your next project. We’ll apply our expertise across many technologies to design and build solutions tailored to your business needs and help your organization succeed.


A dynamic and flexible language like JavaScript allows for developing both web and mobile applications, front-end or back-end.


Leverage best practices in development, to create solutions that are both powerful and created specifically for you and your organization. 


Use advanced tools, such as Node,, React, Angular, and ECMAScript to create anything from prototypes to production-ready applications.

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