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Brand Identity

A brand’s logo is part of a holistic identity system that is oftentimes the first thing that a customer will see about a company. Logo design and identifying development are core to making the right impression for your target audience.

More Than Just a Logo

GRAYBOX creates visual identities for the companies we work with that reflect who they are and resonate with your desired audience.

Before delivering a final logo as part of a broader identity system, GRAYBOX works with companies on overall brand discovery to determine overall positioning in the market, as well as identify competition and other businesses they look up to in the industry. At the end of the day, while a logo is a visual manifestation of a brand, it is really the sum total of everything that makes up a company.

With foundation brand discovery in place, GRAYBOX starts with as low-fidelity black and white drawings as possible. This allows us to rapidly prototype potential directions on elements like type treatment or logo mark to see what could be a good fit for the brand, before narrowing a few down to start making digital versions of. This also allows for easier refinement as we get closer to a final direction.

As we move towards a final direction, we start adding in color based on foundational learnings in the brand discovery process. This also includes recommendations based on tried and true color theory, as well as key interviews with stakeholders to learn as much as possible about potential landmines in your industry (ex: don’t use red if you’re in the medical industry!). Establishing a color palette for a brand goes beyond the logo itself and extends into other applications that will ultimately support a company and its positioning.

Great logo design these days is all about flexibility. Considering all the places it’s going to need to show up both digitally and in the physical world, GRAYBOX carefully considers the likely applications of where a logo and an overall brand identity system is likely to be used. This includes looking at the impact of elements like size, typography, and color use based the medium and overall audience.

GRAYBOX works with companies to design and execute the best logo for them that will be utilized across a wide variety of mediums for years to come.


It all starts with low-fidelity mockups of a handful of potential directions based on your brand positioning and collaborative moodboards as to what could fit your brand best.


GRAYBOX leverages a wide variety of tools, from general color theory, to research about your industry and in-person interviews with your team to narrow down a color palette that will work for you.


It's imperative that your logo works across a wide range of devices and mediums. Flexibility and adaptability in logo design play an important role now more than at any point in history.

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