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Brand Positioning

The focus of a brand is on its positioning. Where a brand sits in marketplaces is the nexus of who your customers are, what motivates them, and what the unique value proposition is compared with the competition.

How Are you Positioned in the Marketplace?

GRAYBOX works with businesses to determine where you fit into the marketplace and what the opportunities are for success based on your goals.

Brand positioning is a key to knowing where your business fits into the broader landscape. From that place of knowledge, GRAYBOX can help you leverage it to craft a message, design, and experience, or build an experience that targets the right users online.

We are often engaged at the beginning stages of a larger marketing initiative or digital design and build a project to help define what a brand’s position is and to drive better decision-making down the road. This is sometimes as easy as having a few conversations with senior leadership and putting down into words what was said. Often, that's simply not possible. A brand’s position strikes at the core essence of what the brand is and is often more nuanced. GRAYBOX works to cut through it all and work collaboratively with our client-partners clear it up.

The end deliverable in a brand positioning is strikingly simple and should be both tangible and easy to explain. Our process for determining your brand positioning focuses on in-depth discovery and information gathering — there’s a tremendous amount of effort that can go into distilling something down to that level and involves a few components:

- Customer Personas - we build actionable personas to get a solid understanding of who you are targeting.- Digital Landscape Analysis - GRAYBOX looks at the direct competition as well as more broadly at the digital landscape to see how you fit into it.- Unique Value Proposition - this is your secret sauce and the kind of thing that can make or break how you and your customers think of your brand.

GRAYBOX facilitates a collaborative process that includes workshops, detailed discussions, and oftentimes primary or secondary research to get a clearly articulated brand position that your company can rally around and drive better decisions.

Digital Landscape Analysis

Looking broadly at the digital landscape takes into account who else you should be looking at beyond your direct competition so that you’re reaching for the right goals given your customers’ attention.

Customer Personas

Understanding who your customers are — or should be — is critical in finding the right ones for your business. Identifying and creating accurate buyer personas will open opportunity as the business grows.

Unique Value Proposition

GRAYBOX helps you identify what your true differentiator is so there’s focus and alignment on what makes your business different.

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