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Content for SEO

SEO-Friendly copy is mostly just like regular content – the main trick is to intentionally use the correct keyword phrases in the content.

Good for People + Algorithms

It’s a reality of today’s internet that content needs to be written with both people and algorithms in mind.

Writing effective content for SEO is all about balance — you have two audiences on the website that you have to balance between:* People! — Good ol’ human people generally like to read content that is interesting, informative and flows in a standard, grammatically-accurate way that we’re accustomed too. * Search Engine Algorithms — Couldn’t care about the standard rules of language that we puny humans need and understand. Rather they have their own rules and syntax for how we communicate what a given page is to these bots.

So it comes back to balance between these two audiences. The SEO science is that the search engines are looking for is us to use our specific target phrase multiple times in the content. The human art is working that target phrasing naturally into multiple sentences when writing for SEO (see what I did there).

Good SEO writing is something that ideally happens when content is first written, but can also be done at a later date if necessary. GRAYBOX can help you shine for both audiences.

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