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Social Media Marketing

You want to engage your customers where they are online. Having and executing a strategy for how to do this considering the diversity of social media channels out there is critical.

Make Social Media Work for You

GRAYBOX can help you leverage social media to create valuable engagement with your current — and potential — customers.

Participating and engaging with folks via social media is critical in staying relevant and meeting your audience where they're at. In the same way that you wouldn't stand up on a chair at a party and just start yelling things to promote your business, leveraging social media intelligently takes a cohesive strategy.

GRAYBOX works with businesses on developing the right strategy to make social media work for them. We start with getting to know you as a business, as well as your overall goals for the next few years. It's key in our understanding of what markets you're in, who your customers are, what makes them tick, and where you see growth likely to come from. Social media marketing should integrate well into your broader marketing strategy and reinforce your other offline and online marketing efforts.

Social is omni-directional, so conversations are happening regardless of whether or not you're actually participating. As a result, having a sound social strategy involves a combination of listening, participating, and broadcasting to social audiences across specific social channels. Armed with that knowledge, we work collaboratively to put together a plan that defines what social media platforms you should be focusing on and why.

Broadcasting the same message everywhere may have worked 10 years ago, but doesn't now. People expect different things from social channels, from LinkedIn to Instagram, and how and what you share on each is key. GRAYBOX can help define the voice and tone of what you should say so that it makes the right impact based on your goals. This also includes recommending and managing targeted advertising on social platforms to draw in new audiences and remarket to folks you're already engaged with.

Finally, we align with our client-partners on how to ultimately measure success. While the number of likes may be a "feel good" metric, it oftentimes doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. We work collaboratively with you to define specific metrics for success around multiple areas, from post engagement and shares to actual traffic driven and on-site engagement, to line up what we're spending time on to your ultimate goals.

Identify the Right Social Channel

GRAYBOX helps companies determine what are the best social channels for you to be on based on who your customers are and where they're spending time socially.

Determine a Communications Strategy

How you speak and the content you decide to share on social should be driven by strategy. The days of posting all the same content everywhere are behind us.

Measure Engagement

For your business, social may never drive significant revenue or leads, but can lead to valuable engagement with your users. GRAYBOX can help determine how and what to measure for success.

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