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Results-driven SEO consultants based in Portland, Oregon

Be Found Online Organically

Good content is good for nothing unless people can find you. Great SEO puts you at the top of the list for the terms most relevant to your business.

A Tried and True Approach to Search Engine Optimization

GRAYBOX takes a methodical approach to improving your company's SEO. This is a tried and true recipe for success over time — there are no quick answers for SEO, rather it's a reputation, it has to build over time.

We evaluate your current SEO with a variety of tools. There are identified problem areas that need a deeper review. We then work out an SEO strategy document that prioritizes various tasks based on their effort and the potential impact. We put this into a schedule (your budget determines the velocity) where we prioritize the easy, high-impact issues first, then the harder work over time.

SEO has three main components to it

  1. The website has a technical impact on your SEO. These are things the development team does (or doesn't do) that impact your SEO in a negative way. Good technical SEO is table stakes today. We work with our development team to fix these technical issues and stop the penalties. Examples of this work are HTML tags, URL errors, site speed issues, schematic markup, etc.
  2. What you say about yourself is in the content. This is the easiest to change, as we can edit the content on your website. First, we make a map of your most impactful keywords (based on market and user research) and apply them to different pages on your site. We then work with you to rewrite your content so each page is more relevant for the selected terms.
  3. What others say about your site. This step is the hardest, and it's why today SEO is more similar to PR than anything else in the long run. Search engines depend on the interconnected network of website links to help determine what a website is most relevant for. Imagine you are at a party and asking around for who a good plumber is — you ask two friends, one is a general contractor and another is a barista. You'll probably trust the recommendation of your general contractor friend more than the barista. Inbound links from other sites are sort of like that, the relevance and authority of the site linking to you matters in the weight of the link.

GRAYBOX has been doing SEO services for over a decade (It was one of the original service offerings!) and we're still exceptional at it.

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Optimization doesn't mean robotic repetition of high-level phrases. We ensure your authentic content speaks the same language as search users.

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With a search engine-optimized site, you rely less on paid search to be found.

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GRAYBOX keeps up with all the SEO shifts. When Google flips its policies, you won't have to flip out.

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