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Marketing Analytics Consulting

Let us analyze your data so that you can focus on your business.

Consider the Right Data

GRAYBOX advocates spending about 15% of your marketing time looking at and evaluating data on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, we're all flying blind.

The sheer quantity of data that can be collected across sources these days is astounding. For each data point you can collect, there are oftentimes dozens of different ways of collecting it and tools in which you can see the data presented. GRAYBOX is a proponent of the "crawl, walk, run" methodology in most things, and this applies especially to data analysis. While there are hundreds of data that can be investigated and evaluated, we recommend focusing on the foundation first and then building up you've got a good understanding of what the fundamentals.

GRAYBOX starts with a comprehensive set of questions to ask about what the business values. From there, we can recommend a series of key metrics that will help determine how the business is faring on accomplishing its goals. Everything from on-site engagement, conversion, and abandonment through sales close rate; they all have an impact on how your business is ultimately going to succeed and we can look at all of it.

Automated Reporting

GRAYBOX recommends picking a handful of key performance indicators and implement automated reporting with Google Data Studio. 

Goals and Objectives

Setting the right goal and event tracking in Google Analytics is instrumental to collecting quality historic data, and yet is rarely done correctly due to its technical complexities. Let GRAYBOX help!

Cross Domain Tracking

If your site has multiple domain names, it is crucial to properly setting up cross-domain tracking in order to understand user behavior across multiple domains.

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