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Sage Intacct

Intacct has been in the market for nearly 20 years, and the 2017 acquisition by Sage allowed the combined companies to really accelerate. Intacct offers a deep feature set for ERP, and a tight integration to Sales​force​.com, putting it at the top of many lists evaluating ERP for the mid-market.

Robust ERP for Mid-Market Businesses

Intacct has made a great name for itself by offering solid features at a competitive price point. Core financials are table stakes, and Intacct really shines when evaluating the add-on modules available for the platform. Whether your business has inventory or fixed asset needs, multi-entity consolidated financials, project accounting, or other sophisticated business needs, Sage Intacct has done a great job of crafting a powerful set of tools to manage your needs.

In the conversation of ERP candidates, there are often a lot of names to include. As the proliferation of cloud options picked up speed in the late 2000's, it was easy to lose track of the various software developers releasing options touted as the latest and greatest cloud based ERP. For the most part, many of these names have fallen by the wayside as the larger traditional players regrouped and found strategies to compete. Some of these upstarts, however, endured and thrived. One such product is Intacct, now Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct is a journeyman ERP for the mid market. Similar to NetSuite, Intacct started as more of an online ledger, competing for the business of those companies outgrowing Quickbooks and needing something with more horsepower. Over time, Intacct added more features, and extended the features they already had, such that today the product is a strong contender for the business looking for a cloud based ERP. Beyond just core financials, Intacct offers a rich set of add-on modules for things like revenue recognition, project-based accounting, fixed assets tracking, and multi entity consolidated financials. In addition, as a part of the broader Sage ecosystem, extending the application by leveraging external Sage budgeting tools, or their tight integration with, position Intacct effectively as an enterprise grade solution with a mid-market appeal.

Among the many tools GRAYBOX has worked with, Intacct is a perennial favorite. For the nuts and bolts, Sage Intacct hits it out of the park with their core financials. If an ERP stumbles here, it's dead on arrival, and Sage Intacct has done a great job of ensuring the foundation of the business is strong. But in many ways the core financials are table stakes, and what really makes Sage Intacct shine are the add-on modules. Rather than disparate or separate "bolt ons", these are native aspects of the application that can simply be provisioned as a part of your license, meaning they seamlessly flow with the rest of your business process. Project accounting, for example, is a tough nut to crack. As is revenue recognition, especially with the updates of ASC 606 and IFRS 15. Sage Intacct has offerings that not only meet the business process goals, but help businesses meet their statutory obligations at the same time.

Sage Intacct is an excellent option for the business that is solidly mid-market, especially when on the ascending side of the growth curve. The software tends to be a little more expensive than SAP Business One, typically on par with a NetSuite, for example. However, the features and functionality of Sage Intacct are worth the money, and are a great leverage factor that allow a business to grow and scale without adding a lot of extra headcount. The platform is a great fit across a variety of industries, though we've seen great success specifically in project accounting, revenue recognition, and wholesale distribution. For businesses with complex multi-entity consolidated financial reporting needs, Sage Intacct is also a great fit, offering both administrative accounting ease of use and deep business process flexibility for each subsidiary. In general, it's flexible, feature rich, and a great tool for businesses whose goals and objects necessitate a robust system.

The ERP evaluation process can be-- and should be -- one in which a business invests a good deal of time. A new ERP is a big decision, and its impact on the business cannot be understated. The process requires an experienced consultant, with a thorough process that methodically evaluates needs, capabilities, and gaps. GRAYBOX holds experience and thoroughness as core values, and the evaluation of, and project leadership for, an ERP system project as an area where we shine.

High-Performing ERP

Intacct has years of history to back up the claims of being a reputable, high-performing ERP for mid market and enterprise companies. Integration

By leveraging a tight integration with, Intacct is able to offer a high caliber ERP concurrently with a best of breed CRM. This combination is incredibly powerful, and positions them near the top of any evaluation list. 

Competitive Features & Pricing

The depth of features offered by Intacct provide great flexibility, and opens the platform as an option to most mid-market businesses. At a price point that's competitive in the market for these features, Intacct becomes a really compelling option. 

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