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New Business Operations Service Offerings from GRAYBOX

Your company has just built an amazing new website: Site visitors convert at a high rate; your lead volume has increased 250% per day; your online marketing efforts are driving more quality traffic because people are able to easily find you and your products. By all accounts your project has been a huge success. But your newfound success has exacerbated existing (or created new) problems:

  • How do we track these new leads to make sure our sales team consistently follows-up, and track the results of those interactions from opportunity to sale?
  • How do we efficiently process orders from our website, and ensure our fulfillments happen quickly and accurately?
  • How do we ensure we have inventory available to meet our current needs, and know when it's time to restock to meet future needs?
  • How do we account for and report on the financial side of this newfound success?
  • How do we consolidate all of this new information so that we can understand how and why our business is growing, uncover any shortcomings, and proactively plan for the future?

As businesses evolve over time, so to do their process and system requirements. What worked for a one-person startup no longer works when the sales team has five people. Fulfilling orders out of a garage doesn't scale to a warehouse with shelves, bins, and hundreds of packages a day. Understanding and solving these problems is a keystone for business growth.

GRAYBOX has traditionally been a business partner for the side of your business you present to the world. We've helped to ensure people can find you online through effective marketing, that your brand and image are presented consistently, that customers have an excellent experience on your website, and that your site converts at a high level and results in the greatest number of quality leads and transactions.

It's a natural fit, then, that GRAYBOX also be your trusted partner for everything that happens behind the scenes with your business. We leverage our experience in back office systems, processes, and best practices, and help make your business more efficient and solve the challenging problems that otherwise block further business growth.

Our focus with these Business Operations consulting services is primarily focused in six areas:

  1. Order Fulfillment: Your website either generates orders directly or generates leads that result in orders. GRAYBOX helps clients put in place processes and systems to track and fulfill those orders.
  2. Accounting Systems: Order and inventory data only tells part of the story of your business; having quality accounting systems in place is a key component of managing your business and bridges the gaps of other systems.
  3. Inventory Management: GRAYBOX works with clients to implement processes and systems to know more than just how many widgets you have, but to understand turn, velocity, profitability, and forecasting for inventory.
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Understanding more than just who your customers are, but how they interact with your company, their buying preferences, and being able to serve them better.
  5. Systems Integration: GRAYBOX has spent years integrating website data to CRM, Accounting, Order Management, and Inventory systems, ensuring your data flows seamlessly from point A to point B, and eliminates manual data entry and human error.
  6. Business Reporting and Intelligence: With eyes on the big picture, GRAYBOX helps businesses sift through the noise and pull out insightful, relevant, and timely information from your data.

Whether your business is a startup, in growth mode, or mature and looking to optimize, GRAYBOX can step behind the curtain to help, applying the same consultative approach to your back office processes and systems as our clients have come to expect from our website and marketing services.

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