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NetSuite CRM

Disparate systems, shaky integrations, and limited features are growth killers. NetSuite solves these challenges with a single platform, allowing your team to focus on executing well to grow your business.

Enterprise Capabilities with Mid-Market Ease of Use

GRAYBOX helps transform businesses running disparate, antiquated systems, by unifying their business operations under a single platform. Gain efficiency, make more informed decisions, and look at both the forest and the trees.

A business with any hopes to scale needs to really deeply understand their potential and active customers. While many businesses start with spreadsheets and task lists, eventually the maturing business has to move into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool of some kind. The blessing and curse of CRM Software is that there are many, many, options available in the world, from on premise applications to cloud solutions to extensions and add-ons to other software. This makes the exercise of filtering out the noise to focus on what matters potentially difficult. Fortunately, NetSuite CRM is one of the offerings that stands out from the crowd and elevates above the noise, making it an ideal option for the right business.

NetSuite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers both ERP and CRM capabilities. From a CRM perspective, NetSuite hits all of the key feature components that most businesses look for: salesforce automation and sales tracking, visibility to existing customer history and activity, customer support management (including knowledge base), email marketing automation, and a really robust set of reporting and automation tools to provide automated functionality and visibility into the health of your business. NetSuite CRM is well rounded, broad in its feature set, and deep in its feature capabilities, making it a top player in the CRM market.

GRAYBOX has worked with many customers leveraging many different CRM systems in the past, and NetSuite has continually proven itself to be an excellent product. When GRAYBOX engages with a customer on CRM, the work tends to fall into one of three buckets: this is the company's first CRM; this is the time for CRM optimization based on where the business wants to go; or the CRM needs to be more connected with other systems via integrations. NetSuite CRM is an excellent choice in each of these phases of a company's CRM lifecycle. For the company that has never had a robust CRM software, NetSuite can be configured as a lean, easy to use, and simplified toolset that gets out of the way and helps an organization ease into the process of tracking customer information. Companies that have been through the CRM process in the past will appreciate the deep features and configuration options of NetSuite's CRM, which allow them to substantially improve their operations through automation, dashboards, reporting, and notifications. And for the company that has multiple applications running core aspects of their business, the multiple API connection methods offered by NetSuite CRM provide many tools for automating the job of getting data into-- and out of-- the software. The benefits of NetSuite CRM are even better when paired with NetSuite ERP, as you gain full visibility into both the pre and post sale activities of your customers, as well as all the marketing information they've received, the touches they've had with your service team, and the upsell opportunities that exist based on the rest of the data in the system.

NetSuite CRM is a good fit for the growing organization that has more than basic CRM needs. If all your company needs is a basic list of Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities, NetSuite is probably overkill. But for the company that wants more analysis, more granular control, more automation of processes, and wants to tie their CRM system into other tools in the business, NetSuite is a great fit. There's a bit steeper learning curve with NetSuite than with less sophisticated tools, but it's no more complex than or Dynamics CRM. But NetSuite has done a great job of being consistent in their design paradigm across modules, so once you have a feel for the system, any new feature is easy to pick up and incorporate into your workflow.

NetSuite fits at an ideal intersection for GRAYBOX, for the business that cares about both the strategy for how we approach customer relationship management, as well as the tactics of how a process maps in the CRM. By bringing multiple voices to the table, GRAYBOX can evaluate the best approach for your CRM based not just on the needs of the sales team, but also by looking at how your customer base wants and needs to be serviced, what your marketing team is doing to drive new sales, how your ecommerce strategy can benefit from insights from your customer support team, and, in general, looking at the forest instead of just the trees.

Automate Your Sales Processes

NetSuite's bevvy of automation tools, including SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, and notifications, allow you to create workflows and processes that free your team from manual data management and allow them to focus on bringing value to your organization. 

Wholistic Customer Insights

NetSuite's CRM provides a 360 degree view of your customer's activity. It's not integrated or tied together with other systems -- it's all the same system. Every touch, order, support case, email, and trigger that touches your customers is available in the same place, so you can provide amazing service and increase your customer lifetime value.

Use Technology, Up Your Game

Your team can operate more efficiently by leveraging the amazing technology and tools of NetSuite. Build a robust knowledge base to help your support team response more quickly; build in reminder and task automation to help keep your staff on track; and leverage dashboards and KPIs to keep your team informed on what's important-- and shield them from the noise of things that aren't.

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