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Media Planning

Evaluation of the types of digital media that will resonate best with your target customers is critical in spending money in the right place. Planning effective media buys takes into account of business goals, market opportunity, and overall budget to identify best fit.

Paid Media as Marketing Spigot

GRAYBOX plans out marketing initiatives across channels, and integrates media planning into how it can best serve your marketing goals, taking into account your budget and expected ROI.

There is a wide diversity of opportunities for paid digital media that we can leverage to drive traffic to your website. Spending money in advertising is easy. Spending the right amount of money to meet your goals, without overspending in areas is where GRAYBOX can help.

We lead our client-partners through a goal-setting exercise more broadly about their marketing initiatives and specific results they want to see from those efforts. With that, GRAYBOX breaks down how each marketing channel can contribute to the overall goals, including paid media. While other channels like organic search are great for long-term success, paid media is one of the only ways of driving immediate results.

Definition of intended audiences is key in getting more specific about what specific paid search opportunities make sense, given your goals and the people you want to target. We collaborate with our client-partners to break down the groups, find out what their motivations are, and where they are likely to be spending time online. This can include a breakdown of social media channels, online publications, search platforms, and definition of lookalike audiences as potential acquisition targets.

Armed with this information, GRAYBOX makes specific recommendations about where an investment might make sense, and over what time period it makes sense to make it. A perfect example of this is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising via Google Ads versus organic search: if there's a specific keyword phrase you want to rank highly for as a business and don't rank at all for right now, we need to take a two-pronged approach. Let's start with content creation and on-site optimization to create a good foundation for ranking highly for that keyword. Since it will likely be months before you start getting any organic traction, GRAYBOX will recommend pairing that with a short-term investment in paid search to get in front of the right people who are interested in your product or service. As your business starts ranking better organically, we can dial back and/or re-allocate funds to support other efforts.

Ultimately, decisions around how much to spend on individual paid media channels are driven by budget constraints. Everyone has them, regardless of if your budget is $500 or $50,000 per month. We break down the process to give end-to-end insight into what your business will likely generate as a result of your media planning efforts. This includes direct advertising cost, conversion rate, on-site engagement, lead capture and/or ecommerce conversion rate, customer lifetime value, and sales close rate, to name a few. Each stage of the marketing conversion funnel ties back to a decision about how much we're willing to spend to get in front of that customer and get them to your website in the first place.

Every business is different and in each media planning exercise we work with our client-partners on need to be tailored to their specific needs, goals, industry, and overall budget. At the end of the day, sometimes the math simply doesn't work out for some paid media channels. GRAYBOX knows which one will work for you and we can help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Media Planning Goals

Paying for digital media is the closest we have to a marketing spigot; we work with you to determine how paid media fits into your marketing goals to make the right recommendations for when and how to turn the \"tap\" on.

Define Audiences

Understanding who your customers are \u2014 or should be \u2014 is critical in finding the right ones for your business. What motivates them? Who else in the marketplace are they comparing your business to? What keeps them up at night? Identifying and creating accurate buyer personas will open opportunity as the business grows.

Return on Investment

GRAYBOX takes an approach that is rooted in the data to make recommendations about optimal media spend. We factor in how much traffic is it likely to generate, the on-site conversion rate, and the value of the lead or average order value.

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