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Technical Architecture Development

Plan and scale your technical infrastructure for your digital needs today and well into the future. The decisions you make now will either open up or restrict your options later.

Make a Technical Map

Your technical architecture plans are essential to make sure your site or application gets built right today and that the site will be easy to maintain far into the future. Our experts create the plans to make sure development goes well.

We believe that documentation is sacred — yes it's annoying, painful and frustrating to create up front — but just like it would be insane for a large building to be built without an architect, structural engineering and permits — your applications also needs a frame of reference for what the plan & decisions are. It's not enough to trust that your team will remember all the details.

Multiple parties are involved when we make a technical architecture plan. Included on our end are the 1) Account Manager, 2) Digital Producer, 3) Technical Lead (or leads), 4) Creative Lead, and 5) Business Analyst. On your end, we'll also need multiple parties to make sure we cover all angles.

Technical architecture planning has a few different deliverables. These vary based on the project, but in general:1) Functional Specifications: We itemize all the functional of the application and organize into sprints and tickets. These are generally written by the Business Analyst or the Technical Lead.2) Database Architecture: Written by the technical lead, this lays out how the database will be built, organized and optimized to handle your data infrastructure both today and in the future.3) Service Infrastructure Map: These are diagrams made by the technical lead, that show how the (cloud or on-premise) hosting infrastructure is organized to host your application.4) Security Planning: Planning documentation for security, firewalls, network security, penetration testing, etc.5) Performance Planning: Planning documentation for how the application will optimize for speed & load.6) Compliance Planning: Sometimes you are subject to third party compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI or ADA. We make a plan to make sure we stay in compliance.

You can trust GRAYBOX to do the upfront technical architecture planning to will make sure your application will be get built right.

The Hub for Development

Having your technical architecture laid out in one comprehensive place gives a hub to your development teams, now and in the future.

Holistically Minded

Having a recorded plan ahead of time helps your team think holistically about the entire application ahead of time. This saves time and money with reduced errors and better outcomes.

Graphs & Diagrams

Technical Architecture typically includes org charts and various other graphics to help non-technical people (i.e. management or executives) understand and buy off on the technical plan.

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