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Digital Landscape Analysis

Competitive analysis only goes so far. Looking broadly at the digital landscape takes into account who else you should be looking at beyond your direct competition so that you’re reaching for the right goals given your customers’ attention.

Analysis of the Competition on Steroids

GRAYBOX takes a holistic approach to learning from others and improving digital experiences. With the digital ecosystem changing as rapidly as it is, we look at what your competition is doing + where else your customers are interacting online.

Performing a competitive analysis has always been an integral part of the "threats" and "opportunities" parts of a SWOT analysis.

In our digital age, however, the pace of change and user behaviors continues to accelerate. As a result, the potential gap between how companies or organizations engage with customers online and how best to interact with them can be significant and grows with each passing year. Enter the Digital Landscape Analysis.

While looking at what the competition is, a valuable insight in determining what you're up against when your potential customers are looking at when they're doing their research and comparisons, it doesn't tell the full story. GRAYBOX recommends also taking a look at where your customers are spending time online to gain insight into what patterns they might be used to that can be applied to your own digital presence. This solves two potential blind spots.

First, oftentimes your competition isn't particularly effective. We find this to especially be the case in niche areas of both B2B and B2C industries in which there's a mentality that prevails that doesn't lead to much investment in digital [if at all] or in optimizing user experience. If you're a business that wants to set itself apart from the competition, knowing what the bar is in your industry is important, as is knowing that the bar is really low. We challenge our client-partners to look above and beyond that.

The second blindspot GRAYBOX tried to solve for with a Digital Landscape Analysis is one of alternative perspective. We find that other industries have approaches to interacting with customers that could be applied to your space in novel ways that you hadn't thought of before.

In our Digital Landscape Analysis, GRAYBOX collaborates with you to identify who your customers are, what makes them tick, and who you believe the competition to be. Armed with this, we go out and identify where the true opportunities are from across the digital landscape for improving your online experience.

Identify the Competition

In layers of the proverbial onion, this one is closest to the core. We collaborate with you to determine what you think your closest competition is, through the lens of both businesses that look just like yours and those that sell similar products or services but may not overlap in other areas.

Where Else Are Your Users?

GRAYBOX identifies who your users are in discussions or in a workshop environment. We leverage that data to identify other places online and\/or digital channels in which your customers are spending time.

Draw Connections

We can make connections between what someone adjacent to your market is doing that can be pulled into yours. If users are interacting in a certain way via another channel, those expectations are being carried with them and may impact your effectiveness online.

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