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Omnichannel Strategy

Customers no longer fall into neat shopping silos. They want products, when they want it, via the channel they want it from. Companies need to take a more holistic and omni-channel approach to thinking about the experience we are delivering for your customers.

Omnichannel ≠ Multi-channel

Omnichannel is this decade's multi-channel. It's about having a consistent brand experience across channels and meeting customers where they're at.

GRAYBOX helps companies deliver effective omnichannel experiences. In this day and age, doing so necessitates an end-to-end understanding of what your customers need, delivering an experience that meets them where they're at and matches their high expectations. Omnichannel isn't for everyone and may not be a fit every business.

In order to best understand whether or not you even need to pursue an omnichannel ecommerce experience, GRAYBOX recommends that our client-partners get a better understanding of their customer journey. This will critically inform how customers are interacting with the brand now and where the gaps are currently between their needs and how you are — or aren't — delivering on them.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Developing an effective omnichannel experience for customers requires a full understanding of your customer's journey of interactions with your brand. GRAYBOX also helps brands understand and map their customer journey.

Think about Devices

GRAYBOX recommends careful consideration as to what devices your customers are using. While users may never checkout in droves on their cell phone, delivering a solid experience that matches their expectations is key in facilitating them into coming back to purchase on their laptop later.

Third-party Marketplaces

Sometimes having an interaction with a customer isn't about owning things end-to-end. Consider third-party marketplaces like Amazon to get your products in front of potential consumers. Over half of ecommerce research starts on Amazon.

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