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Adobe Commerce / Magento

Focused on the upper end of the mid-market, Adobe Commerce offers a balance of performance, flexibility and scale that is hard to meet in today’s demanding ecommerce landscape. GRAYBOX builds Adobe Commerce the right way to allow your business to grow painlessly.

Flexibility & Scale for the Merchant with Complex Needs

We build sophisticated, custom ecommerce solutions that grow with your company. Get as complex as you want, and we'll take you there with Adobe Commerce.

We don't believe there's one "best" ecommerce platform for all merchants and GRAYBOX starts with gaining a deep understanding of your business and goals to ensure that the right platform is chosen for your business.

GRAYBOX has been working with the Adobe Commerce platform — and the legacy Magento 1 and 2 that came before it — for years. It's a great platform for a wide variety of B2C and B2B ecommerce companies and, since Magento was folded into Adobe in 2018, increasingly ties into the whole Adobe ecosystem of solutions across Adobe Experience Cloud.

There are a considerable set of tools that come with Adobe Commerce straight out of the box, as well as a great number of existing extensions that third-party developers have built to meet most business needs. And for the most complex situations, Adobe Commerce has a robust framework and API that will allow us to customize it to fit your needs. Basically, since we have access to the underlying code for the platform and related extensions, there's literally nothing we can't do to customize the customer or administrative experience.

GRAYBOX can craft a website that grows as your company grows, and integrate it seamlessly with your other enterprise systems. We have experience tying Adobe Commerce into everything in your world, from ERP and fulfillment, to marketing and finance. Our client-partners leverage Adobe Commerce and its support for catalogs with thousands of product categories and hundreds of thousands of products without sacrificing usability or site performance. If you have a complex product you want to sell, Adobe Commerce is a great fit for selling it.

Adobe Commerce's advanced segmentation lets GRAYBOX gather customer usage patterns and group data to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience. This level of control and power easily makes Magento a great value in enterprise ecommerce systems, and one that can scale with your business domestically and internationally.

Finally, as with most complex systems, the impact not utilizing best-practices during a site build can be painful. For GRAYBOX, whether or not we're building a brand new site for you or taking over an existing Adobe Commerce site you already use, GRAYBOX works with it the "right way" to ensure that your business can grow in the future without the headaches we sometimes see in the market.

Built for the Long-Term

Enterprise-level sophistication means the site can grow with you for years to come, support large catalogs, and grow internationally.

Customized Exactly For Your Business

Recommend related products, offer intuitive product grid filters, and personalize the shopping experience to optimize engagement with customers.

Leverages Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe's ecommerce solutions increasingly ties into the broader ecosystem of offerings, from Marketo to Adobe Analytics.

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