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Managed Ecommerce

Hiring an entire ecommerce and marketing team to grow as a business can be a challenge. Managed ecommerce takes a one-stop-shop approach in which the GRAYBOX team can monitor, manage, and market the growing ecommerce merchant.

Turn-Key Ecommerce Operations

GRAYBOX brings seasoned leadership to your business to facilitate its growth across marketing, ecommerce, and operations to provide a turn-key solution to finding the right people.

Building a successful ecommerce team is challenging in any environment, but especially in a growing market when the best people are already working at agencies or in-house at other merchants. Furthermore, merchants can't afford the diversity of talent necessary to have a great team internally.

Seeing this as an opportunity in the market, GRAYBOX offers managed ecommerce solutions in which our team acts as if we were in-house and handling the wide variety of marketing, technical, and operational efforts necessary to help merchants grow. Our model allows us to align the contributions our team is making to your business, with the revenue upside we expect to see with your growth so that both teams win.

GRAYBOX brings together merchandising and marketing experience ensuring that the right products are being sold, the right traffic is coming to the site, and that your site is converting visitors to customers. This includes day-to-day management of your ecommerce platform — we specialize in platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify — as well as managing marketing channels. Our team can create content, build promotional campaigns, and drive traffic via email marketing, paid and organic search, and social to build awareness and drive qualified visitors interested in your products.

Technical expertise is absolutely critical in maintaining a great ecommerce experience. Supporting the overall effort, our team of front and back-end developers works alongside the team to help build strategy, prioritize, and implement the kinds of technical solutions that will ultimately drive the most on-site engagement and lead visitors through the ecommerce conversion funnel.

The GRAYBOX team has on-the-ground experience managing order and fulfillment operations and can lead you and your team in ensuring that when orders come in, they can go out quickly and efficiently, allowing the business to scale as traffic increases. Along the way, our team is providing business owners insight into what the data is telling us across marketing channels, on-site engagement metrics, and operations to make the best strategic decisions for meeting your goals.

Managed Ecommerce with GRAYBOX is a unique opportunity to work with senior people in the industry and facilitate your growth.

Merchandising & Marketing

GRAYBOX can manage your store, leveraging our experience working with merchants small and large to display the best-performing products and drive the right folks to your site via digital marketing channels including SEO, paid search, email, and social.

Ecommerce Development

Maintaining a great ecommerce website takes dedication from professionals who do this all the time. Our team sits alongside you to ensure your site is running smoothly and is the best experience possible for the audience you're after.

Data Visibility

GRAYBOX takes a data-driven approach to all of our efforts. We provide you with comprehensive reporting and analysis to give you visibility into how your site is performing, and what our recommended actions are for improvement to meet your goals.

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