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TensorFlow is a robust and powerful open-source library for developers building AI and machine learning models with data flow programming.

Develop Machine Learning Models & AI Tools

TensorFlow is a symbolic math library used in the creation and development of complex applications leveraging machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

An open-source software library for data flow programming across a range of tasks, TensorFlow has multiple applications from neural network development to automated image processing in both research and production environments. When implementing TensorFlow development across your business, working with an Agency that both understands the technology and the core business needs of your organization can be key to success.

At GRAYBOX, we make the process of integrating machine learning and deep learning development into your workflow as smooth as possible and understand that leveraging the right tools for development are key to a successful project. Leveraging tools such as TensorFlow to not only explore and educate but to also create production ready applications and products help us to move faster, develop better, and stay ahead of an ever growing market. Throughout the process, we’ll work with you to apply AI to your specific business needs and implement the tools required to bring solve your business goals and bring your ideas to life.

Aside from TensorFlow, our team also leverages a wide range of tools and techniques to help you best implement your complex technology needs. From mobile libraries such as CoreML and AICore to experience with languages and libraries such as Python and Keras, our team leverages its unique background and experience to bring your product to life where ever it needs to be, from mobile to the cloud. Whether you’re developing a physical prototype, a digital exploratory piece, or a production ready application, we’ll help determine and create the best path to test your next project.

Always starting with a core idea, testing, iterating, and experimenting with different techniques, our teams works throughout the process to ensure that your application is built in the best way possible. We’ll work with you to ensure your product is tested, validated, and ready to be released in whatever method required and help to validate your application across multiple environments. Built into the development process, our QA team will ensure a smooth delivery wherever your application resides and will help to ensure your final deployment process is as headache free as possible.

While only a piece of the larger technology offerings from GRAYBOX, TensorFlow can be used to elevate a marketing campaign, strategy, or product from a simple idea into a unique experience that fully leverages the power of AI. Used across the web, mobile devices, IOT experiences, VR, and the cloud, AI and ML development with TensorFlow can become an amazing tool to turn your ideas into reality.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to bring digital solutions to life, GRAYBOX is looking forward to exploring your next project. We’ll apply our expertise across many technologies to design and build solutions tailored to your business needs, and help your organization succeed.

Open Source

Backed by Google, TensorFlow is powerful, open-source, and available for a wide range of tasks in AI and machine learning.


Used to develop advanced neural networks and AI, TensorFlow is a powerful development tool for both research and enterprise solutions.


Fast and efficient, TensorFlow allows developers to streamline across multiple applications including predictive analytics and intelligent assistant creation.

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