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Microsoft Azure

Work with GRAYBOX to utilize Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to develop and run sophisticated and scalable applications for your business.

Develop high performance computing in a Cloud Architecture

Using the cloud platform offered by Microsoft's Azure, the developers at GRAYBOX can help turn your ideas into solutions.

Microsoft’s Azure platform is an ever expanding set of cloud computing services created to help build, test, deploy, and manage applications or services in the cloud. With Azure, you can get services up and running quickly with a scalable, cost-effective solution that works with your existing infrastructure and investments.

From helping your team automate development pipelines to implementing enhanced networking and cloud-scale clusters for complex problems, the team at GRAYBOX can help you to leverage Microsoft's Azure platform for virtually any application.

With Microsoft's Azure, you can assemble intelligent options for today's demanding AI and ML needs. The only true hybrid cloud solution, GRAYBOX can help you to deploy and deliver in an environment that works best for you and your business. Additionally, With over 100 services and end-to-end tools to choose from, Azure can offer enterprise grade solutions. Trusted by over 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, Azure has been a valuable solution for cloud services for over 30 years.

Azure can help you to be more productive, build faster, and get applications into your customer's hands quicker with the languages of your choice including Node.js, Java, and .NET. You can leverage familiar tools such as Bash, Power Shell and Rest API’s to manage applications, and can easily automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks to speed up delivery, and eliminate errors.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to bring digital solutions to life, GRAYBOX is looking forward to exploring your next project. We’ll apply our expertise across many technologies to design and build solutions tailored to your business needs, and help your organization succeed.

Enterprise grade offerings

Leverage Azure to develop scalable enterprise level applications for web, mobile and IoT.

Cloud based applications

Build cloud based applications with Java, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, or .NET in the cloud.

Multi-platform ready

Use Azure's scalable, reliable and flexible services to build and deploy multi-platform applications.

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