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Point of Sale and Kiosks

Single-use digital kiosks have been available for a long-time, but their usability is rapidly expanding into new and exciting areas. We can design, build and implement embedded software applications for Kiosk and POS use.

Your Point of Sale Application, Deployed on Premise

Kiosks and Point of Sale applications are a hybrid of both the physical hardware and the custom software embedded into that device. Together they form a unique experience for customers to get what they want done, quickly and seamlessly.

Creating a unique Kiosk or Point of Sale system for your business poses some unique challenges that are difficult to overcome.

First, a Kiosk should be holistically centered around what the objective of your customer is — why does that device exist? The hardware and unique software needs to be designed to get the customer in and out of the machine as quickly and as easily as possible.

Secondly, you'll have many of your devices manufactured and distributed all over — as such, you need sensors embedded on them to report back to a centralized reporting infrastructure to monitor, maintain and manage their deployments. They will need software updates. Hardware will fail. The store won't turn it on. Someone will try to steal it. The challenges are endless, but you must stay on top of them.

Finally, each kiosk needs to have multiple user modes — for the customer, for the employees, for a regional administrator, and for manufacturing. Getting everything to work easily for the unique needs of each group is no small feat.

We love these challenges and enjoy creating custom software/hardware or optimizing how well your current kiosk or point of sale functions.

Single-Function Software

Design­ing for a sin­gle-func­tion­al use (embed­ded into a hard­ware device) is a total­ly dif­fer­ent design par­a­digm than design­ing for the web or for tra­di­tion­al soft­ware. The pri­or­i­ties are in doing that one task in the most opti­mal and trans­par­ent way.

Hardware + Software

The blend of cus­tom hard­ware and soft­ware makes for an inter­est­ing project, as it opens up new oppor­tu­ni­ties to delight cus­tomers and make their use of your kiosk eas­i­er. We can work with fab­ri­ca­tors to build some­thing that enhances the experience.

Cloud-Based Maintenance

All Kiosk and POS sys­tems are inter­net con­nect­ed and are main­tained & mon­i­tored from a cen­tral­ized cloud. We build unique man­age­ment and report­ing dash­boards for your devices wher­ev­er they are.

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