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Functional & Regression Testing

Elevating Functionality through Quality. Our functional testing ensures that every aspect of your site functions as specified. We go beyond functionality, assessing the overall quality to ensure a superior user experience.

Make Sure It's Good

Functional testing goes beyond ensuring your site's functionality. At GRAYBOX, we add an extra layer assessing not just if it works, but if it works exceptionally well with other functions and if it meets the highest quality standards.

Thoroughness Rooted in Quality.

Rooted in thoroughness, our functional testing verifies that every site or application feature aligns with the original specifications. We meticulously record specifications in tickets, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each feature's intricacies.

Our approach involves testing features from various user perspectives, considering scenarios like device variations, geographical locations, and user roles. Beyond basic functionality, we assess overall quality, leveraging the fresh eyes of our QA team.

Automation testing techniques, including Selenium scripts, ensure that each function operates independently and does not negatively impact others, providing efficient regression testing.

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