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Usability Testing

Usability Testing is design and layout verification that the application or site is both usable and intuitive to your audience. We work with your users either in person or remotely to test actual user experience with your application.

Verify it's Usefulness

A great way to learn about the usability of your application or site is to ask your actual users.

Usability testing is a tried and true method of testing early in the product development lifecycle where you literally sit down and ask real users if the sites or application is usable to them or not. Like a focus group of 1, done multiple times, you get a sense if the layouts work and if users can achieve their desired goals in an easy way.

There are a couple of ways we do usability testing:1) We do in-person, live 1-1 tests with local Portland (or at your location) users that we observe attempting to achieve certain outcomes in your product.2) We do remote, asynchronous online tests with remote users that we record and observe using your site or app.3) We do large group feedback sessions with local users who have just completed use of your product.

From these observations, we distill down findings by demographic group and offer design recommendations to correct problems or feedback from the group.

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