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Localization Testing

Localization testing is utilized when working with multi-language or multi-regional digital products. They verify that all screens work in all possible combinations and that the translations are correct.

Digital is Global

Your customers are global and they expect that your apps will work wherever they are or with whatever language they speak. We help your apps look great no matter what the variables are.

Applications today (mobile and web applications) are rarely built with only the US and English-language in mind — rather the expectation is that your application will dynamically adapt to both the standards of a specific country as well as the local language settings on the device.

Developing for multiple locales and multiple languages dramatically increases the complexity of development as well as the testing of that application. How does Non-US-ASCII text render, can a right-to-left menu be used? If I'm in Europe does measurements switch to the Metric system? The complications are endless.

Our GRAYBOX QA team has years of experience testing a myriad of applications for multi-language and multi-locations and all their respective variations. We'll make sure that no-matter where your customer is located, they'll have a great experience.

Beyond the functions, we also have a robust network of native speakers that can translate your content into other languages or verify that your translations are correct.

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