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Device & Browser-Compatibility Testing

This testing covers cross platforms, browsers and device compatibility, rendering visually and functionally to meet the acceptance criteria. The best approach is to determine what your target audience uses, and define the devices from there. If zero percent of your users utilize tablet size devices, there is no point on testing those devices.

Everything Needs to Work Everywhere

We do everything possible to test in actual devices for the screens and devices that your users actually use to visit your site or application.

Device and Browser Compatibility testing is the table stakes for any QA team — you first and foremost have to make sure that the site or application works on all the devices and screens for which it has been designed to be displayed.

We take device and browser testing very seriously, and test on both virtualized and real-life physical devices. At the start of development for each project, we note what browsers and devices must be pixel perfect, which must be good, and which must be simply not awful (looking at you IE). We create this list via discussions with the client, but also we review the historical analytics data of actual user visits in recent months.

Beyond the human eye, we also use dynamic and automated tools to overlay original designs with pages or to automatically scan for pixel-level perfection. It's still a sad state that each device and browser combination renders pages differently, but we do everything possible to make sure your investment looks great no matter where your users view it from.

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