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Offering A Complete Solution


What Clients are looking for

Often, potential clients will come to GRAYBOX wanting one thing. Whether it be a redesign of their website, a custom web application, marketing planning and execution, business cards, or a consultation. However, one thing holds true almost every time; most of our clients need much more than what they’re looking for.

The GRAYBOX Mission: Serve Clients Well

Our mission statement definitively states that: “GRAYBOX exists to serve its clients well.” I whole-heartedly believe in this mission statement, as does our founder Paul Weinert. What this means to us is not simply saying. “Okay” and spitting out a number when the client tells us what they want. We dig further.

With our deliberate search for long-term partners as opposed to “production” projects, we’ve found that often the bigger picture gets distorted as people hone in on the details of a very specific project. This is exactly why we dig deeper, and find out all the things the client has not considered. More often than not this leads to recommendations, which help the project go above and beyond the original expectations of the client.

Does this cost us business on occasion? You bet it does! However, I can walk away honestly knowing I made the recommendation that was the best possible way to achieve their long-term goals. They walk away knowing GRAYBOX is absolutely unwilling to short-change them when it comes to helping a company achieve their business goals, and occasionally will even come back after taking a hard second look at the other approaches being offered.

Thankfully, this mindset resonates through to the GRAYBOX team on every level, which leads to incredible, well thought out, effective projects that are sure to yield a return on your investment. This acceptance of what we are all here to do, coupled with our constantly praised communication efforts are what foster the complete business solutions we have engineered for our growing number of long-term partners.

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