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Plat​form​.sh is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that gives development teams like ours control and scalability when building a deploying applications.

MANANED HOSTING PLATFORM FOR COMPLEX APPLICATIONS has established itself as a key player in the PaaS landscape. Designed to simplify cloud infrastructure management, offers an all-encompassing solution for developers, ensuring efficient and secure development-to-production workflows.

At GRAYBOX, we've found that addresses the complexities of cloud management, freeing our team to focus on code and innovation for our client-partners.

Early cloud solutions often required either native integration within the development environment—offering limited customization—or expensive third-party tools. strikes a balance, providing a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative that has been the backbone of many complex applications. This also includes being the backbone the Adobe Commerce cloud platform and Nestlé Purina's Just Right brand.

Over time, has expanded its offerings to include automated infrastructure provisioning, Git-based workflows, instant preview environments, and robust security features. Seamlessly integrated with a variety of development frameworks and languages, it supports the scalability and performance needs of modern applications.

GRAYBOX recommends to client-partners seeking a comprehensive cloud solution to support their digital growth, especially this with complex needs.

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