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Office Automation

Automation is a powerful way to streamline and systematize many parts of your business office workflow. There are many options to make sure things happen automatically and perfectly every time.

Steamline and Perfect Your Workflow

An automated office is a more efficient and cost effective way to get tasks done inside your business, creating opportunities for employees to do more valuable tasks with their time.

Fair warning, automating everything possible in your office workflow becomes addictive. Once you trust in these little scripts that go and do routine (often boring) tasks perfectly every time, you'll want everything to be as automated as possible. It's a little like magic.

The crux is writing very precise instructions for a script to run, which covers all the possible inputs and conditions of what you need it to do. Once the script is written, you then schedule it to run on a schedule, on a manual trigger, or create a listener that automatically fills the automation script when conditions are met.

Aside from obviously replacing some manual labor, the other big advantage is that it eliminates the potential for errors. These scripts literally do the same thing every time, so the output is always going to be the same. No more human errors or random mistakes. Scripts don't get tired, sassy or distracted.

Automation has a bad rap as people misconstrue it as replacing jobs, but in actuality, it creates opportunities for people to do more high-value work that engages their mind more than repetitive, mundane work.


Automa­tion can run con­stant­ly, engag­ing basi­cal­ly instant­ly to new con­di­tions, or it can run on a sched­ule (such as night­ly) or on-demand. There is a lot of flexibility.

Perfect Every Time

Aside from the speed gains, an automated script also doesn't make routine human errors. A script does exactly the same thing, every single time.

Don't Think About It

Once you trust that the automated system is working, it's like magic. Stuff happens and you don't have to worry about it again.

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