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WordPress is, by far, the most widely used CMS in the world — and it’s easy to see why. It’s easy to get started and has a wide-scale infrastructure of supporting plugins, services, and software that work with WordPress. We recommend it for simpler sites or for organizations already used to WordPress.

Industry Standard & Ubiquitous

WordPress is literally the CMS to beat — every type of site imaginable has been built on WordPress, and it's widely supported by everyone everywhere. There is comfort to be with the king.

WordPress is the industry standard CMS for websites. Some people may not like that truth, but it's by far the most widely used and supported CMS in existence.

WordPress started as blogging software for personal blogs, but has since evolved into a competitor in every category of online content management — WordPress sites can run ecommerce stores, apps, mobile apps, and basically everything. Big and complex sites run on WordPress just as well as small sites.

Today it's familiar to any developer, designer, or marketer — people know how to use it, which further perpetuates its adoption in the community.

Today in terms of web design, WordPress excels in its ability to rapidly get new sites up and running. It's possible to get a site up and going in a few days (or hours). The community around WordPress is huge, so it has a massive catalog of themes, plugins, documentation, forum posts, and ideas. If you want to build something, it's very likely it has already been built, so you just install it instead of building it from scratch.

While you can also do custom themes, most WordPress sites start with a theme and are modified to be more unique to the given business.

GRAYBOX has been building WordPress sites for a decade. We've built new plugins, custom themes, stores, apps, and everything in between. We're the leaders in custom web design in Portland and we can build your vision in WordPress.

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Industry Standard

As the most common CMS in the world, most marketers, designers, and developers have worked with WordPress before. As such, it's everyone's favorite CMS.

Active Community

With the install base so large, the community around WordPress is just gigantic. It's as easy to design and develop for as it's hard to get blocked or stuck.

56,000 Plugins

If you can think of it, or need to build something unique, it's very likely that there is a plugin for it. You can build a robust WordPress site without touching code. 

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