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There isn’t a simpler way for non-technical users to get a website up quickly. While it’s limited in what it can do compared to other options, it’s great for certain cases.

Get a Site Up Quickly

SquareSpace is a powerful and easy way to get a site up quickly and for non-technical administrators to maintain a site over time.

Squarespace is the largest and fastest growing SAAS website builder platform in the US. At the end of last year, they claimed over 2 million sites on Squarespace — up from 250,000 just five years ago. This rapid growth in attributable (aside from the massive ad campaigns) to their extreme ease of use for non-technical folks to quickly build a well designed website.

At GRAYBOX we use and recommend Squarespace for simple websites on an extremely tight budget where our client is intending to maintain and support the site long-term themselves. We have a variety of themes that we like and recommend depending on your business, and we can quickly customize them for your exact purpose.

Moreover, sometimes people just love Squarespace's admin and want a custom designed site that is built on the Squarespace platform. In these cases we can also help, building completely unique Squarespace themes from scratch in a cost-effective way.

Time to Market

Square­space is the lead­ing cloud-based CMS, most­ly because it’s so easy to use and so easy to get a new site up. We’ve turned around sim­ple Square­space sites in as lit­tle as a day.

Does The Job

Square­space sites are all theme based, mean­ing they all share a com­mon core with lots of oth­er sites. This is often just fine and it gets the job done quick­ly and efficiently.

Always Improving

Being a cloud-based prod­uct, Square­space does the host­ing and ongo­ing main­te­nance of the prod­uct. Over time your site will get addi­tion­al fea­tures includ­ed as part of your month­ly fee.

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