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Management Consulting

Consulting is seeing the truth and fixing what’s broken. We work collaboratively with your team to optimize processes, teams, software, and systems to help you operate at your best.

Performance Optimization for Digital-First Businesses

We all live in a digital-first world now. Our customers have high-expectations for our digital presences but also our companies largely run and collaborate in digital-space. Our consulting practice helps you leverage software for optimal efficiency.

Business Operations & Process

Change and constant iteration are the hallmarks of a successful business. We work with you across a variety of processes, team dynamics, and operational functions to optimize how your business runs.

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Business Software and Tools

Your software infrastructure determines in large part how the processes inside your business operate. We understand and advise on the core software systems and help you maximize their utility.

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ERP / Accounting Systems

ERP is the cornerstone of any company that makes and moves physical objects. We help you setup and optimize your ERP for maximum effectiveness. We work with NetSuite, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics in the mid-market and all the major small business products (Quickbooks, Intacct, etc).

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CRM Systems

CRM is the bedrock of reliable deal flow and client support. On the high-end we work with SalesForce & Netsuite, as well as many smaller products optimized for small business needs.

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Support Systems

Customer Support software is the way large companies manage and triage customer requests. We work with all the industry favorites, including ZenDesk, FreshDesk and SalesForce.

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BI (Business Intelligence) Systems

Business Intelligence (BI) software is a powerful way to visualize, understand and rapidly distribute important information to your organization. We work with the heavy-favorites like Power BI & Tableau, as well as other systems.

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Refining Processes, Tools and Teams

For an organization to be successful, they often need a trusted partner that advises on areas where current leadership doesn't have expertise. An impactful consultant does more than strategize, they work with you as you implement those changes and ensure that they work well. GRAYBOX's consulting practice works closely with your leadership team to make impactful changes to your processes, tools and teams.

When GRAYBOX consultants meets with partners, we sit next to them at the table, not across from them. We work to understand each company’s atmosphere and direction before we delve into any specific concerns. Once we’re able to harness our partners’ perspectives, we analyze and suggest multiple solutions. Unlike most consulting groups, we're also not tied to any specific software products or tools — thus, we independently can advice on multiple options instead of jamming one solution into your organization.

Our consulting practice advises and consulting on a variety of software systems:

Beyond software, we also work on operational organization, processes and team dynamic — so that your team is working well well together and in a workflow that is consistent, efficient and useful.

We take a true partnership-based approach to consulting with lots of onsite visits, informational interviews and direct feedback to executive leadership. We believe that results are best seen over time, so we like to be friends and commit for the long-term. We also try to be cognizant of the "outside consultant" stigma that strikes fear into some internal teams, so we work hard to provide value to all levels of an organization and make every teammate feel heard.

Our consulting practice generally works on a time & materials basis, but they also do per-project as well. Sometimes we have an ongoing monthly retainer as well.

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