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Performance Testing

Performance testing is all about the speed and performance under load of a site or application. Using some special software, we can see how each function operates and dramatically reduce load times. Moreover, we can detect issues before they are catastrophic.

Speed Matters

Speed & performance testing is an essential part of getting a performant site or application that functions perfectly under load.

Performance testing is critical in modern applications and websites. Users simply expect everything to load quickly and will notice immediately if something is slow.

As such, GRAYBOX's QA team is equipped to test and validate both websites and applications for performance issues and speed optimization. We use a combination of device and browser-based tools to scan through code and find areas where performance can be improved.

Often, our clients have a benchmarking standard for what their site must load by. We have the means to determine where your possible improvements are needed. Then we can catch root level issues very quickly and rewrite that code so it does the same operation in a more performant ways. You can have a very solid site in terms of compliance, but if it crashes every time you have 50 concurrents threads, then it is not accomplishing its original goals.

On the front-end of the code (the parts that users see) we also have ways to load additional code on demand, reducing the initial load at the beginning of the site load.

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