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Great content is always well-researched, articulate and tailored to your customer’s needs. We craft compelling written content, video, and illustrations that tells your message in the right way.

Hone your Message

Content for the website comes in many medium — educational short & long-form copy, entertaining videos, interactive games, compelling images — your brand needs to stand and get you message across quickly. Our content practice helps you discover and deliver content in your brand's voice.

Content Strategy

Every site or application needs a smart content plan. We put together a cross-platform guide for today and shapes the rules for content in the future.

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Photography & Illustrations

Visual content like photography, infographics & illustrations are essential assets to all your marketing efforts. We help produce all the materials your team needs to visually tell your story.

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Content Production

Your message is the heart of what your customers understand about your business. We help you decide, hone and implement that message across text, images, video, animation and social.

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Video Production

The creation and consumption of video content continue to grow from year to year. In 2018, 81% of businesses used video as a marketing tool and 76% of marketers report video helping to increase their sales. Whether live-action, animated, televised, or through social media, video development is an ever-growing need for any business.

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Social Content

Social is a never-ending content feed. To state a presence in-front of your audience you’ll need a constant flow of text, images, videos and supporting materials to engage your followers.

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Engaging writing is tough — it’s about voice, pacing, diction, and style — and all of that changes based the actual content, where the work will be published, and to whom it is written. Regardless of the medium, we’ve got your message dialed.

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Content for SEO

SEO-Friendly copy is mostly just like regular content – the main trick is to intentionally use the correct keyword phrases in the content.

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Sales Writing

Writing for sales is basically writing for persuasive argument. It’s a little subliminal and it's generally both exciting and non-specific.

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Technical Writing

Technical writing is about accuracy, brevity, and precision. Conveying perfectly accurate information in a clear way is paramount.

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Effective, Precision-Targeted Content

Design is essential, but frankly, your users don't come to your website or application to be visually stimulated — they came to learn about you, find products, or get something done. As such, the single most important element of your digital experience is your content — the text, images, videos and interactive elements that convey your brand message effectively. GRAYBOX works with our client-partners to construct content unique to their brand that tells your message effectively.

The GRAYBOX content practice are experts in many types of content for a variety of mediums including:

Content informs people and it has the power to persuade and shift perspectives. Content is essential for effective campaigns, and it starts with your content strategy. Many people make the mistake of not investing in their content and their digital presence suffers as a result.

All of our content work begins with a robust interviewing process so that we can understand your business, who your customers are, and what the right tone, voice and message is that we need to get across to them. Most content can convey 2-3 messages at once, so we want to be razor-sharp about what we want to convey. Once we have a campaign outlined, we start producing the work — and since we aren't subject matter experts in everything — this is a very collaborative effort with your team so we can best understand your unique business and industry. We take pride in being able to quickly get up to speed via thorough research in a variety of topics and industries.

Our content team generally works on projects on a time & materials or per-project basis in collaboration with our websites, marketing, ecommerce or applications practices. Project management is done via a traditional waterfall process (plan > discover > produce > deliver).

Aside for complete new campaigns, we are also used to create additional content for an existing site or marketing campaign — in these cases, we adopt the tone, voice and content guidelines already established and seamlessly fit our new work into what already exists.

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