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Yotpo is a comprehensive platform that facilitates customer loyalty through dynamic reviews and loyalty programs.

Building Customer Loyalty

Yotpo has been a leader in the ecommerce space for many years. They started out as a reviews-only platform and have continued to add to their offerings and are now a comprehensive collection of solutions that build customer loyalty.

Getting a customer the first time is great. Re-engaging them and building long-term lifetime value to the brand is huge.

From early on with ecommerce operations, product reviews have played a significant role in driving engagement, providing social proof for prospective customers, and being great for SEO. When Yotpo came on the scene, solutions were either built natively into the ecommerce platform — and generally pretty vanilla — or provided by very expensive third parties. Yotpo provided a great middle road and they began taking a ton of market share from the alternatives.

Since that time, Yotpo has expanded its solution offerings to include user-generated (UGC) social content in support of product reviews, native loyalty products, SMS-based communication, and email marketing. They tightly integrated with the big three ecommerce platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, and Adobe Commerce.

GRAYBOX actively recommends them for client-partners who are looking for a comprehensive solution to help support their DTC growth.


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