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Consumer (B2C) Ecommerce

The number of consumer ecommerce websites is growing rapidly. It’s vital to stand out from the pack and evolve in response to user behavior.

Consumer Retail is Increasingly Online

Consumer ecommerce is essential to most merchant businesses. It's high margin and it lets you engage directly with your best and most loyal customers. Regardless of your platform, we can help your brand capitalize on your best asset.

GRAYBOX works closely with your company to evaluate current challenges and examine the role ecommerce plays within your business.

We do not subscribe to any one platform for ecommerce. Instead we assess your business needs and make a strategic recommendation on which platform to use for direct-to-consumer ecommerce.

Once a platform is selected, we gather and make use of data, streamline the shopping experience through strategic UX/UI design, optimize conversion rates, increase organic search through sound content strategy, and authentically communicate your brand’s essence through thoughtful design and marketing. Ecommerce is never really done, rather it's a march on continual progress over time.

Consumer ecommerce is a sweet spot for us – let us put our deep digital knowledge and business operations skills to work for your company!

Identify the Need

We work closely with key staff in your company to evaluate your business and make recommendations on ecommerce strategy.

Leverage Data

We help you use reporting to identify and respond to customer preferences and anticipate business needs.

Conversion Optimization

We get your storefront dialed in by analyzing user behavior and A/B testing to optimize conversion rates.

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