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Netsuite SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder

NetSuite’s standard ecommerce experience, SiteBuilder, is a simple way to demonstrate products and accept transactions if you are already running NetSuite.

Take Integrated Orders Quickly

SiteBuilder is a powerful and relatively easy option to quickly build and launch an advanced B2B (and B2C) storefront that's built right into NetSuite.

NetSuite's webstore product was first introduced over 20 years ago, and it, plus its bundled ERP and CRM software, is regarded as the first modern cloud computing / SAAS company. Since its launch so long ago, NetSuite has seen continual updates and progress, with substantive updates coming at least every six months.

The single best feature of their SiteBuilder product is that it's built right into the rest of NetSuite, with all the power, features, and functionality that implies. It's honestly NOT the best within its class of ecommerce products available, but if you are already running NetSuite for the rest of your operations, it's a fast and effective way to get a functional storefront up and running quickly.

Moreover, because it's so closely tied into NetSuite, it's a very powerful product, especially in the B2B commerce space. It has all the necessary B2B features including support for sales reps, multiple levels of customer accounts, group pricing, unique customer-specific price levels, flexible payment options, customer (& rep) portals, and all the other bells and whistles necessary to transact your B2B operations online.

It also has easy connections into NetSuite's analytics, tracking, email marketing, and customer support modules.

We've been building NetSuite Site Builder stores now for 12 years, and can rapidly get a storefront up for our business.

Built into NetSuite

Webstore's biggest advantage is that it's built into NetSuite and that you are already paying for it as part of your NetSuite bundle. As such, it's extremely connected to all the powerful features and reports in your Netsuite account.

Advanced B2B Commerce

NetSuite Website exposes a lot of the power of the NetSuite CRM and ERP into a commerce experience. This powers more complex storefronts like dynamic pricing, customer groups, restricted categories, and more.

Sales Portal

An online account portal for your reps, partners and affiliates is built— enabling a one-stop-shop for your extended sales network.

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