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Omnichannel Ecommerce

Your customers are everywhere, they expect your store to be as well.

Make Your Store the Hub of Your Revenue

The internet is a big place, and your customers hang out everywhere. Exposing your products into multiple sales channels is essential to highly scalable online revenue.

Your Products Everywhere

Online markets are always in flux, rapidly evolving with the shifting tides of customer behavior online. As such, beyond your branded storefront at your domain, it's essential that you get your products listed on as many of the online marketplace stores as possible. This trend is called OmniChannel ecommerce. You take your central ecommerce tech stack and use it as the hub for all your other listings on other popular sites.

Where you list products is up to you, but we recommend that you look at the market trends for your target customers and locations — not all stores are as popular in each country — in the US the big ones are Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, NewEgg, Rakuten, and more. These stores can all have accounts and consume your product information to list on these stores. GRAYBOX can help you manage both the setup of this process as well as your ongoing sales on these channels.

Beyond other stores, these product data feeds also typically end up in branded ecommerce mobile apps and in social media shops.

Once the products are listed, that's only half the battle. We also need to make sure that these endpoints report back to you so you can make sure you are replying to customer questions, handling orders, and tracking your sales in a centralized way. Being an omnichannel merchant is a huge step up in complexity operationally, but GRAYBOX will help you through the transformation and optimization process required.


All product information originates from your ecommerce store, so you can be assured that your product listings are accurate. Moreover, you get a centralized view of what is driving revenue.


Product data feeds are an industry standard. From them, we can get a list of Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Rakuten, mobile apps, social accounts, and anywhere else your customers congregate.


Each endpoint of your data feeds are then branded (styled) to match your design look and feel, so your customers feel like it's you.

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