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GRAYBOX recommends Avalara as the leading provider of tax calculation and compliance solutions to ecommerce businesses around the world.

Avalara for tax calculation and compliance

Taxes aren't something you want to leave to chance. As a retail business, where and how you calculate and remit taxes on the goods you sell plays a critical role in the compliance of your operation.

In 2018, the tax landscape in the United States changed significantly. The Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. in a decision that overruled a longstanding physical presence rule (aka "nexus"), allowing states to require merchants to collect and remit sales tax. Since then, many states have adopted new rules that define what sales/tax obligations look like, and it's a patchwork of laws across the country.

GRAYBOX works with merchants to implement effective ecommerce solutions. A critical component is leveraging the right solution for accurately calculating taxes for the products merchants sell. As part of our engagement with merchants, we can recommend the best solution for a merchant's needs and configure it within the ecommerce platform. For our ecommerce client-partners, Avalara is the best solution for calculating — and remitting — taxes across the United States.

About Avalara

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, sales and use, excise, communications, and other tax types. Their comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions are fast, accurate, and easy to use. Their Compliance Cloud™ platform helps customers manage complicated and burdensome tax compliance tasks imposed by state, local, and other taxing authorities throughout the world.

Calculation & Remittence

Avalara handles both the granular calculation of sales taxes across over 2,500 jurisdictions across the U.S. and around the world, but also the necessary payouts to ensure you're in compliance. 

Widespread Platform Support

Regardless of your ecommerce platform — from Adobe Commerce to Shopify to BigCommerce — Avalara's tax calculation solution called AvaTax can be tightly integrated so it's turn-key to your operation.

Scales With Your Business

With over 2 million returns filed, totaling $8.4 billion in 2019, Avalara is at the scale you need as you grow your business.

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