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GRAYBOX recommends Shogun for any BigCommerce or Shopify ecommerce website for merchants who want an easy-to-use option for managing dynamic content on their website.

Flexible Ecommerce Page Builder

Shogun is the leading solution for dynamic page editing within the best ecommerce platforms.

Ecommerce platforms allow you to edit and update brand and product content. What these ecommerce platforms often lack, though, is a flexible interface for managing this content over time. Merchants want to be able to grow and evolve their ecommerce site design over time — and without the constant involvement from a development team — so long-term ease of use is key.

To support this, GRAYBOX always recommends Shogun Page Builder as part of a comprehensive ecommerce solution for merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce platforms. Shogun Page Builder is also flexible enough as a platform to be implemented as either part of a new design and build project or adapted into an existing website theme.

Our team can work with you to evaluate whether or not Shogun Page Builder is right for your business and ultimately implement it as part of iterative ecommerce website improvements or a larger redesign project.

About Shogun

Based in New York City, Shogun is allows merchants and entrepreneurs to rapidly deploy and test website changes to cut down on development resources and time to market. They work with over 15,000 brands and have created more than 1,000,000 pages with Shogun's Page Builder.

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Visual Interface

Shogun allows website administrators to create and edit page content in a visual, drag-and-drop editor, allowing quicker site changes as you grow.

Store Sync

Most merchants have staging and production sites. To aid in content deployments, Shogun enables syncing between multiple sites to keep content up-to-date.

Content Testing

Shogun has a built-in testing engine that allows merchants to quickly test the efficacy of what's working and not working on your site.

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