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GRAYBOX recommends Klevu as one of the leading providers of comprehensive search solutions in the ecommerce market.

Dynamic Ecommerce Search

Klevu is an industry-leading search solution for ecommerce merchants to extend on-site search and integrates with all major ecommerce platforms.

Ecommerce platforms all come with some form of on-site search. In general, though, functionality hasn't changed much in the last decade and that's where 3rd party search solutions come into play.

GRAYBOX often recommends Klevu when brands want to offer their users a more robust and dynamic on-site search experience. Relatively straightforward to install and configure, Klevu is extensible as a solution and is visually customizable to a brand's look and feel.

Our team can work with merchants to recommend a search solution based on business needs, as well as implement it on a new site or as part of an existing one.

About Klevu: Founded in 2013, Klevu is focused on providing online retailers world–class search technology that connects shoppers to the exact products they are looking for. Their mission is to make the most advanced site search and offer it in packages that are designed for every online store, regardless of budget or size.

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Dynamic Search

Klevu extends the basic on-site search that typically comes with most ecommerce platforms, leading to a more modern and robust offering that leads to increased engagement and on-site conversion rate.

Platform Integrations

As a search solution, Klevu integrates readily with Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify platforms via plugins. 

Merchandising & Analytics

A key feature of Klevu is the analytics it provides in terms of on-site search trends and what you're able to do to leverage data to drive merchandising decisions.

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